I started my working career as a computer software engineer, but now I oversee fifty employees at Pelco a Schneider Electric Ccompany.  Travel is something I do almost daily be it our Fresno facility or anywhere around the world where Pleco products can be found.  I joined the Merced Sunrise Rotary where my wife and I settled in Merced in 2010.



I'm in real estate sales as my primary employment, however last year I took on responsibilities with AT&T and serve as a customer service representative in Alpine, counties.  I been a Rotatian sine 2001 and find the activities meet my need to give back to my community.



As head football choach at Merced College I find the work I do as a Rotarian extends by reach even further into our community.  I daily work with young people in developing their skills so that they can become active contributing members of the community.  Rotary keeps be grounded in knowing community needs as these individuals mature into active, procuctive citizens.



As a fully time chemist I find that working within the community keeps me abreast of not only community needs but needs around the world.  I am orginally from Nigeria and have deeps roots helping within the international community.  Clean water, sanitation and medical issues are areas I am passionate about and Rotary allows me to address those issues, progress is being made and I know my contributions help.



I am a retired educator, most recently as Deputy Superintendent, and I have always given back to the community.  Rotary ampilifies that opportunity.  Clothes for Kids, meals for the D Street homeless shelter, scholarships for students in highschool, college and university, the senior center and the Make-A-Wish foundation are areas I wholeheardtly support and am active volunteering within.   

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