Club News - 2nd Qtr 2015

Kick-Out - 27th June 2015

Vista Ranch proved to be the perfect venue for the 2015 Kick-Out party.  President Stuart Rawling was honored - was roasted - by his fellow Rotarians.  The Monkeys were an added treat to ensure that Stuart knew fully of his shortcomings during this past year.


Many smiles were noted from those in attendance.  Stuart, no doubt relieved as his term as President was quickly coming to a close, camaraderie among members and their family, and the well-developed and rehearsed skit, with props, brought smiles and laughter to those in attendance.


Next year we do this all over, as we kick-out, our incoming President Cathy Paskin!!!


D Street Shelter Dinner
21 May 2015

The crews were busy preparing and serving a wonderful chicken dinner at the D Street Shelter.  You can see the crews were not working too hard as opportunities to shine for the camera took place throughout the evening.


Dinners are prepared and served by various service groups throughout the year.  It was Merced Sunrise who had the opportunity to serve our community.  Participants enjoyed the meal as much as the crews!  

Merced High Scholarship Awards
18 May 2015

Three Merced High School students each received $500 scholarship awards from the Merced Sunrise Rotary.  The students were Jessica Setiawan, Emily Foss and Coleby Tippett.  The scholarship awards were presented by Rotarians Theresa Cesar and Frank Reed.


Students participated in a number of activities within our community.  One activity Bears Give Back (BGB) provided: lunches for 150+ homeless people, nursing home residents needed personal items, and dinners to needy families.  Congratulations to all for their willingness to serve the needs of others!


Area 8 Clubs Team Up For Special Olympics - 9 May 2015


Merced Sunrise Rotary Club organized about 45 members of Area 8 Rotary clubs to support the Special Olympics Event held in Merced on May 9, 2015, at Merced College's stadium.  Members from Merced Sunrise, Atwater, North Merced, Winton and Merced Rotary club participated.  Approximately 15 members from UC Merced Rotaract Club also participated in the event. 


The event started at 9:00am with an Opening Ceremony and concluded at 1:00pm with a Closing ceremony.  During that time, Rotarians were on the field cheering on the athletes.  Members wore Rotary "Service above Self" vests and passed out clappers with the Rotary logo to participants in the community. Rotary pop up tens were located on the field and provided water and shade for other spectators.  Rotary's support of the Special Olympics was very obvious and appreciated by the athletes and members of the community.  But the true winners of the day were the Rotarians.

Thirsty Thursday
7 May 2015

The final Thirsty Thursday for this spring took place at the Branding Iron.  About twenty-five Rotarians and guests from the Merced area participated in the event.  Rumor has it that in the fall another Rotary club in Merced is talking about hosting the event as it has been such a hit. 


Conversation, networking, and fellowship were all on the agenda for the evening.  Many thanks to Tim O'Neil for coming up with this idea and making it happen.  Till next spring, enjoy!!

Symphony Dinner
25 April 2015

Remember the 2015 Bob Hobbs Memorial Shrimp Feed at the Fairgrounds?  It was only last month that bidding occurred on a pre-Symphony dinner hosted by Rotarians and catered by De Angelo's.  Needless to say, six individuals were regaled by Rotarians Mike Altomare and Alan Arnold with conversation, wine, dinner, and dessert at the Art Kamangar Center at The Merced Theatre.  The participants were appreciative of the conversation and the accompanying aperitifs to stimulate the appetite that were followed by the delicious steak and fish meal, but were blown away by the dessert and pudding wine.  Following dinner the participants engaged in the final Symphony program for 2014-15 season.  The program included: Beethoven: Egmont Overture, Mozart: Concerto for Harp and Flute, and Brahms: Symphony, No 4 and was enjoyed by all.  Till next year, thank you!

Wine Bottling
12 April 2015

The 2014 vintage moves from the cask to the bottle at the house of Rotarian Mike and Janice Altomare.  Rotarians, friends, relatives and neighbors took part in the efforts to move wine that was harvested, crushed and fermented last fall into the bottle for a bit of aging.  We saw the cask, bottle filler, corks and corking machine as we arrived and many were put to work to take the 2014 vintage to the next step.  Samples were of course taken to assure quality was of an appropriate level.  In short order Chardonnay and Pinot will be enjoyed.  A great experience, comradery galore and overall good friendship was had by all thanks to Mike and Janice!

10 April 2015

Sunrise Rotarians take a break and celebrate the successful endeavors related to the 2015 Bob Hobbs Memorial Shrimp Feed at the "Thank God the Shrimp Feed is Over Party" (TGTSFIO) held at Rich and Marry Miller home.  Regaling stories, touting the Shrimp Feed successes, and toasting the coordinating efforts were the evening’s order of business.


Many thanks to our host and hostess, Rich and Mary, for proving a great outdoor venue that enhanced the successful evening.  We can hardly wait to do this again next year!



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