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Scroll - May 2016

Paul's Place - Friday, May 6th, 6:30 am


Welcome back President Paskin!  Announcements included: 

  • Rich-  Honoring Our Veterans meeting Tuesday, May 10th, 5:30-7:00 PM United Way.  Tabling Events at the Merced Mall, call Rich to help.

  • Bob - Awards from the District Conference - 1st International, 1st Community Service, 3rd Communication Outreach.

  • Dewayne - Mariposa HS, Special Olympics, 10:30 AM, Saturday

  • Galen - District Assembly, 21st May, Golden Valley HS.

  • Barbara Ward, Merced Rotary, Western Memorial BBQ, Saturday, 
    May 21st, 5:00 PM, Rotary Cove  
    Barbara - Blood Source needs your blood, please donate now!

  • Butch - MHS Baseball, Saturday, 5:00 PM dinner, 7:00 PM game

  • Steve - SPCA seeking shoes! Please bring next two meetings!

  • Alan -  Rotary Wines, June 18th, 10:00 AM, 100 cases to bottle

  • Alan - MHS Football, June 6th Golf Tournament

  • Theresa - District Conference Literacy Project - Kids books was a great hit.  She had a book to circulate and a plaque for the N/S Football Game.


Theresa introduced our guest speaker Kathy Smith.  Kathy is the case manager, grant writer, and go to person for the Sierra Saving Grace Homeless Project.  Sierra Saving Grace Homeless Project provides an inter-faith and community-based “safety net” for chronically homeless individuals and families who are either underserved or not served by existing programs. They promote a “housing first” approach to solving homelessness through the provision of intensive case management, advocacy, and services.


Kathy described the program and how it provides services, raises funds, works with other community and government agencies.  Specifically, she described two individuals who are no longer on the street and benefiting from the services offered. 


At the conclusion of her talk, Theresa asked each of us to assist by passing out shopping bags.  Theresa is requesting that we fill the bag with appropriate items and bring it next week to our meeting.  Theresa will then make sure it gets to Kathy for distribution.

Paul's Place - Friday, May 13th, 6:30 am


President Paskin opened the meeting with announcements: 

  • Ross - FOH Grants meeting at 7:30 today.

  • Bob - N/S Game, June 24th, needed assistance, can you help?

  • Galen - District Assembly, 21st May, Golden Valley HS.

  • Kyle - 11th Commencement Exercises or UC Merced his weekend, 1K undergraduate and graduate degrees will be conferred over the next two days.

  • Cathy - Honoring Our Veterans Special Board meeting was held to discuss issues that have come forward.   Rich has resolution to issues while consulting with City Officials.  The road is clear ahead!


Butch introduced our guest speaker Dr. Dennis Cesar, Urologist.  Dr. Cesar brought with him a great deal of levity, along with some useful information about prostrate issues for men.  Several issues face men as they age.  Common problems are benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, and chronic prostatitis (non-bacterial).  Prostate cancer is common in men over 50, especially in African Americans and in men who eat fatty food and/or have a father or brother with prostate cancer.


Dr. Cesar used simple illustrations to provide insight into the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of BPH, prostrate infections and cancers.  More laughs were heard is a very small time frame provide during his presentation for so early an hour in the moring.


We will be in for yet another treat as Dr. Cesar indicated he would be glad to do a follow presentation regarding women's urology issues.  We can hardly wait!  

Paul's Place - Friday, May 20th, 6:30 am


President Paskin opened the meeting with announcements: 

  • Alan - Rotary Wine bottling, 18th June, Mike Altomare Home

  • Alan - Kick-Out Party, details to follow

  • Dewayne - Three Merced High Scholarships Awarded last evening.  Total Scholarships awarded - $1.3 M Congratulations Merced High

  • Mike A - $11 per year dues increases starting July.  $10 District, $1 RI

  • Cathy - $5K budgeted for RI Conference, carried over and placed in International budget, approved by Board and membership


Tim introduced Jim Andersen, Dean, Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Merced College who announced the recipients of two $500 Merced Sunrise Vocational Service scholarships.  These scholarships are awarded not in cash but in much needed equipment for the recipients.


The first recipients was Miguel Castillo who participated in the Fast Track Automotive Program.  Miguel is participating in the program that concentrates introductory courses leading to certificates in a two semester program.  Completers of the Fast Track Career Training Program are provided with internship and job placement assistance.  Additionally, they can complete their AA/As requirements while working after certification.


The second recipient, Emilio Corinado, is in the Industrial Technician program and was unable to attend the meeting today as he was just hired and expected to be on the job this AM.


Mike Weepers is one of two Automotive instructors facilitating Fast Track Auto Program, while Aaron Hamilton is one of two faculty instructing in the Fast Track Industrial Electronic Program.


Congratulations to Miguel and Emilio!!!   

Paul's Place - Friday, May 27th, 6:30 am

Under Announcements:

  • Adam Cox from Satellite Club accompanied by fellow member, announce that they were raising money to keep the McNamara Park Swimming Pool open during the summer so that kids can have free access. They were about $200 short and Adam told me after the meeting that he had nearly made up that difference from members who contributed this morning.

  • Steve Benner announced that the trip to the San Francisco Giants game on June 9th was a “GO.” He also proudly announced that the SPCA shoe collection fund raiser had collected 127 bags of shoes @ 25 pairs per bag for a total of 3,175 pairs of shoes.

  • Rich Miller announced that he was sending out last quarter invoices for any unpaid debts that members might have and urged that they be paid prior to June 30th. He also mentioned that in order to avoid having to pay District and Rotary International dues for a member who has dropped out, he would greatly appreciate timely notice of any member who does not intend to remain in the club after July 1, 2016.

  • Theresa announced that Frank Reed had stepped to the plate and would be in charge of the Homeless Shelter Dinner on June 9th.

  • Alan announced that the Kickout Party has been scheduled for July 8th. The venue has not been firmed up yet, but he is working on the Lake Yosemite sailing club site that we used a couple of years ago.

  • Mike Altomare announced that he and Alan would be bottling wine on June 18th at the Altomare Sheep and Wine Farm starting around 9AM. He may fire up the pizza oven if it is warranted by the number of attendees.

  • It was moved by Sam Traina and seconded by Michelle to donate $500 to the Winton club to be used for assisting the victims of the apartment fires in Winton.

  • Cathy announced and displayed the banners for the awards we received at the District Leadership Assembly on May 21st: third place for Communications, first place for International Service and first place for Community Service. We were also acknowledged for having exceeded by $1 the district goal of having an average of $165 per member contributed to the Rotary Foundation.

Program was Introduced by Betsy Donovan. Dan Taylor graduated from Hoover High School in Fresno, graduated from California State University Fresno after which he went into TV and radio work. Beginning in 1984, he became a sports announcer for ABC 30 Fresno (KFSN). His broadcasting career spanned 24 years. After retiring, he began a writing career. His first book was about the ways of the Bulldogs. His second book, the focus of his presentation today was about the life experiences of George Genovese, a notorious baseball scout for a number of Major League baseball teams including the L.A. Dodgers. The Foreword to his book is written by Tommy Lasorda, former Dodger manager. Dan recounted a countless number of stories about George’s life experiences as a baseball scout while liberally sprinkling the stories with tasteful humor. Altogether, it was a delightful program.

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