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Paul's Place - Friday, February 26th, 6:30 am


The meeting got underway under Bob Casey's leadership. Announcements: 

  • Tim indicated that Rotary shirt sales end today.  Additionally, our next meeting will be at Merced Screw. Details to follow from Betsy.

  • Mike A. stated that we are seeking community members that we can recognize for outstanding service - Service Beyond What Is Expected!  Submit individuals to Mike.  Ten opportunities are available!

  • Gina introduced three RYLA attendees.  Each gave a brief summary of their experiences at 2016 RYLA camp.  What talented young people we have in our community.  Leadership roles their commitment to our community. Congratulations all!

  • Rich spoke about each Rotarian's commitment to the Rotary Foundation.  

  • Doug and Bob reminded us that the Shrimp Feed is fast approaching.  Auction items are needed.  Donations to assist us purchase items were collected from members.  

  • Charlene reminded members that a Homeless Summit would be taking place today from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the Christian Life Center, 650 E. Olive Ave. in Merced.

  • Theresa reminded us about our Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) day March 19th at Theresa's House from 9:00 - noon.  She spoke about the construction and testing process we will be doing!


Theresa introduced Jim Goodrich, Past President, Rotary Club of Groveland and Chair of WASRAG (Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group) Worldwide Operations and Technology Committee.  Jim provided an overview of one RI focus: Water and Sanitation; what needs to make water projects successful and the changes to not only do water projects, but to assure that the efforts can be sustained.  In particular, the approach should be long term, involving multi-club and District partnering, with NGO's alliances that empower the local community in the country of choice.  Advice was also provided regarding how to start and build on a commitment with strategies for entry, intermediate and advanced level over time.  We have to thank Jim for his long standing commitment to water and sanitation projects!

Paul's Place - Friday, February 19th, 6:30 am


Bob began the meeting and provided time for announcements: 

  • Bob provided an update on Shrimp Feed ticket sales - 550 is the current estimate of tickets sold.

  • Tim indicated that Rotary shirt sales are taking place; get you order in if you want a shirt by the Shrimp Feed.

  • Wayne stated that a recent graduate from the Merced Rescue Mission is seeking a job, has many skills, and can start immediately. 

  • Gina introduced four RYLA attendees.  Each gave a brief summary of their experiences at 2016 RYLA camp.  Our future looks bright with talented young people coming into leadership roles within our community over the next few years. Congratulations all!

  • Guest Paul Hogue, Merced High School Athletic Director, spoke about the Merced High School Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner taking place on March 19th, 2016 at the Yosemite Hall located at the Merced County Fairgrounds.  The awards program will honor some of Merced High School’s finest athletes and their accomplishments while at Merced High School and beyond.  A no host bar will begin at 5:00 pm along with a private meet and greet for the inductees.  Dinner will begin at 7:00 pm. Tickets are available online and at the MHS Student Body Office. Table Sponsors are available - call for details 209.385.6489.  


Galen introduced our speaker Larry D. Morse II, Merced County District Attorney.  Larry had two messages for the group. The first was related to the changing laws regarding marijuana. State laws are changing and counties, cities will need to adjust to accommodate these changes.  The reason changes are coming about are varied, but taxable income for the state and a changing attitude about marijuana come to the top of the list.

His second topic relates to the number of serious crimes that the DA's office needs to address.  The mission of the Merced County District Attorney's Office is to seek justice through the fair, equal, vigorous, and efficient enforcement of the criminal laws.  The DA's office works with every component of the criminal justice system and the community to protect the innocent, to convict and appropriately punish the guilty, and to protect the rights of victims and witnesses.  The number of major crimes to be prosecuted is large, compared to other counties, and staff members are low.  


Paul's Place - Friday, February 12th, 6:30 am


Announcements we made after Cathy began the meeting.  They included: 

  • Bob spoke about various efforts related to the Shrimp Feed and had us individually provide information about our current ticket sales.

  • Tim spoke to several new initiatives in Vocational Service.  More information will be available as they are started.  Additionally, Rotary shirts are available for purchase by filling out the form he passed around.

  • Theresa is seeking a few volunteers to assist at the D Street Dinner on Feb 18th starting at 5:30 pm. 

  • Galen reminded those attending the District Mid-Year Conference that the ride sharing group would be departing around 6:30am tomorrow.

  • Mike C. indicated that he would be sending out the proposed Bylaws changes next week, with comment planned for our March 25th meeting.

  • Dewayne Young was inducted into our club by President Cathy and Sponsor Butch.  Welcome aboard Dewayne!!

  • Betsy provided an insightful Vocational 180.  She has had a varied set of experiences in a variety of settings and a master of all! 


Galen introduced our speaker Dr. Po-Ya Abel Chaung, UCM Engineering Professor, who provided his second presentation to our group.  The topic was focused on his work in fuel cells.  He had several patents to his name as part of the effort to develop alternative clean energy fuel cell vehicles.  His presentation was engaging, insightful, often humorous, fascinating, and outcome driven.  Today, because of past efforts, several automobile manufactures have fuel cell vehicles available on the market in select areas.  Tomorrow we may well see vehicles that produce only water, heat and electricity to power the majority of our vehicles.  A future where clean energy vehicles are the primary means used for personal transportation. The work that Dr. Chaung and his associates are doing will help make that future possible. Click here for more information.


FineLine - Centurian Boats - Friday, February 5th, 6:30 am


Cathy began with our meeting with announcements.

  • Thirsty Thursday - 11th Feb, 5:30pm, Branding Iron  

  • Shrimp Feed Meeting - 9th Feb, 5:30pm, MC Staff Dining Room

  • Board Mtg - 10th Feb, 5:30pm, Cathy's house

  • Mid Year Conference - 13th Feb, departs 6:00am for Stockton

  • WAPI - 8th Feb, 5:30pm, Theresa

  • D Street Dinner - 18th, 5:00pm 


Tim introduced our tour host, Travis, from FrontLine Industries makers of Centurion Boats.  Travis did a brief overview of what we would be seeing and we departed for our tour. The tour included facilities for waxing the molds, gel coating, fiber glass installation, and exterior polishing.  The facility produces about 12 boats per week at this time, with plans for expansion to 18 boats per week.  About 130 staff and involved in the production process.  Next time we hope to see the final assembly, rigging, and testing facilities.  Thank you Travis, you were a wonderful host.  And thanks to Tim for making this tour possible.



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