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Paul's Place - Friday, Oct 30th, 6:30 am


Stuart Rawling started off the morning with a great shout-out Rotary welcome!  Several comments, at Stuart's expense, were made that caused a great deal of laughter for this early in the morning.  Announcements included:

  • Theresa handed out participation pins and invited Rotarians to SaveMart Sunday from noon till 2:00 to help advertise the FOH.

  • Gary indicated that next week the Field of Honor would be our program at a club assembly.

  • Mark spoke about the RYLA interviews as students were selected, based upon interviews, for the RYLA Leadership Conference.

  • Stuart invited Rotarians to the District Dinner on 14 Nov and the District Conference 29 Apr.  200 Paul Harris points and a make-up were available to attendees of the District Conference.


Jean Robbins, former Director of Merced Parent Preschool, spoke about kids, learning, technology, and the need for face-to-face interaction. Brain development research shows why children need to develop specific skills in order to be successful and technology may be providing interaction that precludes full development at an early age, making it more difficult for teaching (specifically reading) to take place.  Jean recommended that we consider reading "The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age" to learn more.

Paul's Place - Friday, Oct 23th, 6:30 am


Alan Arnold was holding down the fort today in Cathy Paskins absence.  Announcements included:

  • Fall Fest HS Baseball Fundraiser, Pellissier Barn, tomorrow

  • Field of Honor Volunteer Hours Sign-up Sheet

  • John Derby had 6-way by-pass surgery earlier this week and is not in recovery - we all wish John a speedy recovery

  • John Barnhart provided his Vocational 180 and what an interesting and diverse working career he enjoyed!


Betsy introduced our guest speaker Cal Skyhawk Haynes.  Cal Skyhawk Hynes has performed at schools and special events throughout California for more than 20 years.  His native dress is colorful and performances energetic as he wove Native American dance and storytelling into our program that encourages the values of self-confidence, acceptance, and responsibility with the message of love for each other and the land we live on.  His introductory performances included song and dance to include the flute, hoop, horse tail, and eagle.



Label Technology 
Friday, Oct 16th, 6:30 am


Not much stands in the way of a Rotarian working for the community.  Nor does much stop Vinton Thengvall, Rotarian, CFO, and VP Finance for Label Technology as Vinton was ready to go at 6:00 AM today to facilitate a tour of the Flexible Packaging plant of Label Technology.  Seems the plant operates 24 hours, 5 days a week meeting the needs of customers around the world.  


One might ask what flexible packaging is all about and one would immediately recognize that many foods are packaged using this technology.  You can’t miss them in the grocery store as they range from anything that is packaged in plastic with the maker’s information on the label.  Some packages even have reseal technology built-in and Label Technology can address that need with aplomb. 


As we entered the facility we were provided an over view health standards within the facility and therefore need to dawn hair nets and beard masks.  Inside we saw paints being mixed to any color the client desired, printing of plastic packaging materials on huge printing presses with precision measured to the nearest tenth of a millimeter, and quality control instrumentation to assure that standards are maintained on all production runs.


An experience was had that will be long remembered the Rotarians present.  Many thanks to Label Technology for allowing us to visit their facility!


Check out the videos on the Label Technology web site.

Paul's Place - Friday, Oct 9th, 6:30 am


The meeting President Cathy Paskin oversaw was principally devoted to our District Governor Ellen Hancock.  Announcements included:

  • We meet next week at Label Tech Flexible Packaging Plant

  • Cardboard Challenge and Polio Plus at Merced Mall tomorrow from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Field of Honor presence at the Merced Fire Department Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser, 99 E 16th St, starting at 7:00 am, 10th Oct  

  • HS Baseball Fundraiser, Pellissier Barn, 24th October

  • MHS Football Players Pre-Game Dinner, Today, 2:00 pm

  • Field of Honor Volunteer Hours Sign-up Sheet

  • Board Meeting Monday, Cathy's House, 5:30 pm


District Governor Ellen Hancock complemented our club for all the things we do to serve our community, the District and our work internationally.  She spoke highly of our efforts to fund Polio Plus and the Rotary Foundation and encouraged us to continue.  She provided insight into the new funding model and how contributions to the Foundation will come back to us for local or international projects.  DG Hancock acknowledged two of our member for their contributions: Mike Cuchna and Dortha Chu with Rotarian pins for their efforts supporting our club.  The meeting concluded with President Paskin presenting DG Hancock with a gift basket of local goodies.   

Paul's Place - Friday, Oct 2nd, 6:30 am


President Cathy Paskin had a busy agenda for the meeting.  Bud Gantney provided his Vocational 180 that included PowerPoint highlights that caught many by surprise and were very impressive.  Cathy provided an inspiring Rotary overview as we inducted a new member, Doug Forte - welcome aboard Doug!  Announcements included: District Governor Ellen Hancock will be visiting our club next Friday.  Our club meeting will be held at Label Tech Flexible Packaging Plant on 15 Oct.  Teresa has a number of Rotary T-Shirts available for nominal cost.  RYLA Interviews are taking place and volunteers are needed.   Cardboard Challenge is taking place 10 Oct at Merced Mall.  Posters were made available for the Field of Honor, members were asked to take them to businesses they frequent.


Loren Gonella of Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty, provided an engaging Real Estate Update.  66 slides covered topics to include: Annual Home Sales, Single Family Housing Starts, Distressed Sales, from the national, state and local perspectives. Bottom line, things are looking better with the prospect of growth around the corner from a number of perspectives.


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