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Paul's Place - Friday, Dec 18th, 6:30 am


The following announcements were made as Cathy began the meeting:

  • 12 Mar 2016 – Shrimp Feed Tickets distributed, posters available, sign-ups now taking place.

  • 19 Dec 2016 – Bell Ringing at Save Mart, 11AM - 5PM, all slots filled!!

  • Sam Traina receives his eight year Paul Harris pin!! Congratulations Sam!


Roy Hoglund, Director, Department of Animal Research Services (DARS), provided insight into the work his department does to assist researchers with animal studies.  Roy was clear that all laws, research procedures and animal caretaking are conducted in a humane manner.  For more information see the DARS web site.  He will be returning in the spring to provide additional insight.

Paul's Place - Friday, Dec 11th, 6:30 am


Cathy began the meeting and the following announcements were made:

  • 11 Dec 2015 – 2015 The Rotary International Bob Hobbs Memorial Flag Football Tournament

  • 12 Mar 2016 – Shrimp Feed

  • 19 Dec 2016 – Bell Ringing at Save Mart, 11AM - 5PM

  • The Clothes for Kids event was a great success as over 40 Rotarians and spouses helped about 100 kids!!

Theresa and others personally thanked the following guests for the efforts toward the 2015 Merced Field of Honor:

  • Russell Vara – solar power and lights

  • Richard Manifest – all the publications that were produced

  • Ron Taylor – for the use of the Merced College Front Lawn

  • Theresa Londono – volunteer time over the past three years

  • Other unable to be present – Merced College facilities, grounds, and security staff


Betsy introduced our guest speaker Dana Augustine (married name).  Dana was originally from Sakhalin Island, Russia and came to the United States 15 years ago at age 16 under the auspices of the Rotary’s Long-Term Exchange program (ESSEX) arranged by Bob Hobbs.  Bob was working to re-establish a Rotary Club on Sakhalin Island.


Dana (Bogdana Falaleera – Russian name) lived with Bob and Betsy and she called them mom and dad.  Dana is now a US citizen residing in Martinez, CA working toward admission into a Masters graduate program.  Many years ago as an exchange student she attended Merced Sunrise Rotary meeting weekly with Bob, learned English, traveled, and spoke at Rotary meetings of her many adventures.  


Many of the current club members remember Dana and were pleased to once again see her and learn about current activities.

Paul's Place - Friday, Dec 5th, 6:30 am


President Cathy reported on her unfortunate experience while cruising the Mediterranean. Erick was complaining about what he thought was pleurisy pain, so he went to the ship’s doctor, who ran an EKG and informed the two that Eric was having a heart attack. After providing some immediate attention, Eric was disembarked at one of the nearby Greek Islands where he resided at a local hospital for a week after undergoing heart surgery. Even though Cathy and Eric had originally planned to fly back to the US on the return trip, they took the doctor’s advice and cruised across the Atlantic on a ship. Eric seems to be doing well at this point. All is well that ends well.

Rich Miller announced that he had distributed the dues invoice for the 3rd quarter and asked for timely advisement regarding any membership change so that we did not have to pay RI for a member whose status had changed.

Alan Arnold reminded members of the 6PM Christmas party tomorrow at Rich and Mary Millers’ home. Mark Lutz reminded members of the Clothes For Kids function at 7:30 AM tomorrow at Target. Theresa reminded members of the Homeless Shelter Dinner on Thursday, December 10th and also announced that “Bell Ringers” will be asked to sign up next week for duty at Save Mart on December 19th. Cathy announced that the Governing Board would meet next Monday at 5:30 PM at her house and also encouraged all members to attend the Mid-Year District Assembly coming up on February 13, 2016.

The program was provided by Frank Quintero, Director of Economic Development for Merced City. Mr. Quintero spent considerable time sketching the recent history of the city’s economic development and overall, opined that the positive aspects greatly outweigh the negative. He pointed out that a good barometer by which to measure economic growth is the number single family housing starts because there is a direct link to retail sales. The city currently has 250 single family units ready to go. That is a good sign. As to the prognosis for future economic growth, all components from manufacturing to apartments to mall development to retail sales appear to be bright.


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