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Paul's Place - Friday, August 28th, 6:30 am

Dr Joann Schultz, Vice President of Administrative Services at Merced College, and Mark Pintor, Principal at Merced Scholars Charter School, spoke on behalf of their poarticipation in Class 30 of Leadership Merced.  They are working with Merced College on a mural being painted in the Student Union building in the Cafeteria as their class project, “Paint the Town”.


31 Oct - D Street Shelter Dinner 

1 Sep - Field of Honor meeting at Theresa's

15 Sep - Board Meetring at Cathy's

8 Sept - Four middle school to be visited by Rotarians to read a book "What Idea Do You Have To Change The World?"


Paul's Place - Friday, August 21th, 6:30 am

President Elect Bob Casey lead the meeting today as President Paskin was away.  After guests were introduced and fines levied, Dortha asked members to sign up for a Homeless Shelter Dinner 31 August.  Cooking will take place starting at 5:00 pm, with dinner being served at 6:00 pm.  Clean-up should be done by 7:00 pm.  Alan invited all to Mike Altomare's house tomorrow, 22 August, at 7:00 am.  The group will be off to Galt to pick grapes.  The crush will follow later in the day.


Wayne Hague provided his Vocational 180.  Wayne has a mission and that is to help other, a most notable goal.  He has been serving others for many years.  Thank you Wayne!


Our own Chief Norm Andrade provided the program focusing on the Merced Police Department's new initiatives.  Predictive Policing allows officers to use appropriate equipment in order to be at the right place and at the right time so as to deter criminal activity.  Another initiative in the works is the acquisition of license plate readers to assist in identifying vehicles potentially involved in a crime.  In addition to the presentation Chief Andrade answered a number of questions from the membership on a number of pertinent issues.  Many thanks to the Chief along with the detectives and officers of the Merced Police Department for serving and protecting Merced City residents!! 

Paul's Place - Friday, August 10th, 6:30 am

Sherry Cotta, District Membership chair, a position that our own Mike Altomare held, was present to provide our membership with information about member promotion and retention.  She accomplished this by breaking our members into small groups to discuss the issues.


Sherry has been an active Rotarian in her club and at the District level.  Positions held include:  District 5220 Membership Chair - 2014-2016, District 5220 Leadership Council - 2014-2016, DRL Zone Institute - 2015, District 5220 Membership Committee - 2013-2014, SIG Zone Institute - 2014, President Elect - Lodi Rotary Board 2015-2016, Club Administration - Lodi Rotary Board - 2015-2016, Catering Director - Lodi Rotary - 2015-2016, Program Director - Lodi Rotary Board - 2014-2015, and Membership Chair - Lodi Rotary Board - 2012-2014.

Paul's Place - Friday, August 7th, 6:30 am

What an exciting meeting with well-deserved recognition being shown to many Rotarians.  President Paskin gave Stuart his Paul Harris Plus Three pin, while Stuart provided Sam with his Paul Harris Plus Seven pin, and then Rich with his Paul Harris Major Donor pin and something for his wife Mary.  Each Paul Harris recipient received a warm round of applause from the membership!!  Then Sam presented Frank is well deserved plaque, with gavel, for being Club President.  President Paskin then awarded Theresa a pin for sponsoring a new member.


All this was followed by Steve providing initial information regarding the fall football fellowship at a Fresno State University Bulldogs game.  Dan Caris then had an opportunity give is Vocational 180.  What an interesting career Dan continues to have!


Theresa provided the program and spoke on two subjects.  First is an opportunity for club members to participate in a “Kids Against Hunger” event taking place September 12 from 10:00AM till noon on Saturday, September 12 at Bellevue Elementary School.  Theresa will be reminding us of this event as we get closer to September 12th.


Secondly, the 2015 Merced Field of Honor was then highlighted by Theresa.  Many of the chairs have been filled and others became filled as Theresa provided the simplified version of the FOH to be offered this year.  Much planning has already taken place, with the work and involvement of our club members to follow.  It already looks like another successful event is in the works!!


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