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Rotary makes things happen!

I don't have to tell you things are weird. Everyone knows things are weird. After 24 months of global economic, health and political upheaval you're either in one camp - praying to be left alone if you just follow orders, or you're in another camp - finally asking questions nobody wants answers to. Sometimes the information fire hose is disorienting, there's no end in sight, and nobody knows what will happen next.


And I can't think of a better time to be a Rotarian!

I can rattle-off a bunch of facts about Rotary; its 116 year cultural importance, international unity and its many global missions. But right now, Rotary starts here - at home. Our Club is about empowering Merced people because nobody can do that better than us. We are the local experts with global knowledge.

Eyes Up!

We have breakfast together every week. We bring in speakers and leaders to learn what is going on in Merced County and beyond so we can make a positive impact where it counts. With some planning and intention our Club and network addresses community needs and we're proud of a few bigger projects of our own making - the Merced Field of Honor and the Merced County Business Reconstruction project.

Stand to!


So the great news is you're always invited to breakfast.

The bad news is you've already been drafted to make the World a better place.


Rotary is here for everyone.


Put down your cellphone and start making connections that matter. Merced is growing and so are its opportunities. If you are passionate about a cause, then let's make your passion this Club's first task.

Serve to Change Lives!


Eric Moore

Past President 2021-2022

2013 Field of Honor 14-1.png

Field of Honor information - click on Uncle Sam below

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Service Distinctions

The Rotary Club of Merced Sunrise holds many distinctions.

The Club is a
100% Paul Harris Fellow Club.

2021-22 Rotary Citation Award
2019-20 Rotary Citation Award

2018-19 Rotary Citation Award
2017-18 Rotary Citation Award
2014-15 Rotary Citation Award

Bestowed upon only the most active and effective Rotary clubs worldwide.

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